Sunday, June 20, 2010

Video Nurse: 50 Health Tips for Busy People

Ten years ago, one of my professors told me he thought I was a good writer. All I knew back then is that I love to write. Now I know that I not only enjoy writing, I am thrilled when my words are heard or read in such a way that makes a difference in someone's life.

Every so often, Chris Pirillo sends me a piece of fan mail usually containing a thank you for content someone read that changed their life. Eight out of ten times, those pieces of fan mail were not about his technology reviews or funny videos, but instead were about his eBooks such as 140 Twitter Tips, or his video on "How To Lose Weight Fast". Chris doesn't claim to be a doctor, and yet with personal research and an inquisitive mind, he's done a fine job in communicating what you should know about this health topic. After reading a few of these fan emails, he told me, "You should write your own eBooks."

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing a series of eBooks for 2010 and 2011, starting with my Video Nurse series, "Video Nurse: 50 Health Tips For Busy People". Each downloadable PDF eBook comes with an attractive cover sheet (designed by Kristin Marshall), and fifty tips gleaned from personal experience as well as years of professional experience as a back-office Registered Nurse in Community Health and as a private practice psychotherapist. You'll also see my QR code on the title page, so if you purchase this for a friend, co-worker, or family member, they'll be able to see my contact information should they wish to obtain my confidential services or simply send an email with questions or feedback. Simply scan the QR code with a smartphone's QR reader, and the my contact information comes up. Cool, eh?

Each eBook will be five dollars or under, with the exception of a hard-copy book I hope to publish in 2011 (the topic is a secret, but know you're going to love it). Copies can be obtained for now by going to Seattle Direct Counseling and clicking on the Paypal "Buy Now" button (located on the bottom of the home page), where you'll be prompted on how to give your information so I can release the PDF to your email's inbox. Later, this process will be streamlined automatically on my new website (due out July 1, 2010).

Right now, my website is a bit sad looking. Honestly, I'm not a web designer, and I never claimed to be. The website that is up today has cost me nothing (free template), and the web hosting a mere $13.94 per month to run. You are going to LOVE the new website coming, with an interactive blog, ability to schedule, Video Nurse archives and a link to, and of course, a user-friendly area to purchase my eBooks. I sincerely hope you'll come check out my new website when it's finished, and share my link to my eBooks (or buy them for friends) with your loved ones.

The heart of my business is building relationships. Video Nurse is just one project in 2010 that I hope will help me build a relationship with you that helps you create your most satisfying (and healthy!) life.

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